The architectural design of Tepantitla reveals a palace-type housing complex where a very important family probably lived with a high social hierarchy, probably priestly.

Its central patio communicates with a section where you can still see wonderful murals that show the Teotihuacan worldview.

The mural called red Tláloc reveals two figures of the warrior god on a red background.

The Tlalocan or Paradise of Tlaloc is a very colorful visual composition where a volcano-like mountain is observed from which a river emanates in the lower part and butterflies in the upper part between people whose positions allude to the ball game, planting and sacrifice.

The Procession of Priests is a mural where it is possible to appreciate elegantly dressed priests, with large plumes of long feathers.

The Tepantitla palace is a pictorial and architectural sample that allows one to imagine the splendor of Teotihuacan.